26 Jul 2013

Papua journalists report police pressure on independence groups

3:09 pm on 26 July 2013

A newspaper chief editor in West Papua says journalists in the region are pressured by police and government not to publish material about West Papuan pro-independence groups.

Victor Mambor of the Tabloid Jubi newspaper, says it's not uncommon for media outlets in West Papua to be called or visited by police for special meetings about issues of publishing.

Mr Mambor, who is also the chairman of the Papua branch of the Indonesian Independent Journalists Alliance, says police don't even have to tell newsrooms not to report about groups such as the KNPB.

"They just come to the office, take a picture and you know, it makes the journalists... in West Papua they have a fear of the police to write. Most of the newspapers in West Papua they have (been) directed by the government to stop publishing KNPB activities."

Victor Mambor says the visits by police reflect a lack of understanding about the role of media.