31 Jul 2013

Vanuatu climate minister says more work needed with landowners

10:30 am on 31 July 2013

The Minister of Climate Change in Vanuatu says more discussion with landowners is needed when considering major sustainable development projects.

The department was created earlier this year after the new Prime Minister Moana Carcasses Kalosil came to power.

The Minister, Thomas Laken, says a lack of staff is one of the main challenges he faces.

The Minister says he will be recruiting soon, but a bigger issue is making sure landowners are part of the discussions when new projects are proposed.

"At this point in time we are having a lot of problems with the land issues. With the donor partners coming in to support we have to make very clear the projects that are coming, with the landowners."

Vanuatu's Minister of Climate Change, Thomas Laken.

The lands minister Ralph Regenvanu recently visited New Zealand with landowners from Takara to find out more about a geothermal land project proposal for North Efate.