9 Aug 2013

Guam asks John McCain to change his mind on military realignment

5:00 pm on 9 August 2013

A Guam senator has asked a leading US Senator John McCain to support the planned realignment of American marines from Okinawa in Japan to Guam.

Earlier this year, Senator McCain, as the ranking member of the Armed Services Committees of the US House and Senate, poured cold water on the budget request of 239 million US dollars for the military realignment on Guam.

He said a lack of sufficient cost analysis of the alignment meant the committees explicitly prohibited the requested investment in civilian infrastructure on Guam for the military build-up.

The Pacific News Center reports that Guam's Military Relocation Chair Senator Frank Aguon Jr. has written to Mr McCain inviting him to Guam to speak with local leaders about the realignment.

In his letter, Senator Aguon says he understands Senator McCain's reservations but asks him to review his prohibition of funds because Guam is an important strategic defence location for the US.