14 Aug 2013

Kiribati appreciates help with reproductive health problems

3:12 pm on 14 August 2013

A New Zealand MP, Asenati Lole Taylor, says there has been overwhelming support in Kiribati for a report addressing adolescent sexual and reproductive health.

The report, by the New Zealand Parliamentarians Group on Population and Development, followed an open hearing on sexual and reproductive health held at the New Zealand parliament in June last year.

The report, highlighted the high rates of adolescent pregnancy, physical and sexual violence and the prevalance of sexually transmitted infections in the Pacific, was presented in Kiribati yesterday.

Asenati Lole Taylor says the focus in Kiribati has been to effect better education on sexual health issues, but she says they recognise there are cultural barriers.

"Because the culture plays a huge role and will have an impact on how efficient or how effective this report can be implemented in Kiribati itself, so they now have to focus on the approach - what are the relevant strategies and what is the right approach that they need to take themselves, taking into account their culture, in order for the message to get to the people of Kiribati."

A New Zealand MP, Asenati Lole Taylor