15 Aug 2013

PNG Minister wants discrepancies in electoral roll sorted

11:00 am on 15 August 2013

Papua New Guinea's Minister for Works Mr Francis Awesa, whose election was disputed has called on the Electoral Commission to start reviewing and up-dating the common roll before the 2017 general elections.

Mr Awesa welcomed the National Court decision to throw out the election petition filed against him by the losing candidate Pila Niningi.

But he says the Electoral Commission must start updating the common roll to avoid future problems encountered by many candidates during the 2012 general elections.

The member for Imbonggu says one isolated village in his electorate had a deflated roll of 8000 people when in fact there were only 400 people living in the village.

He says it's an on-going problem that the Commission must seriously look into and address.

Meanwhile, Southern Highlands Governor William Powi has also welcomed the National Court decision dismissing the election petition filed against him.