15 Aug 2013

Low copra production hampers Fiji dairy industry

1:29 pm on 15 August 2013

The Fiji dairy industry is suffering because of a decline in copra production.

The chief executive of the Fiji Co-operative Dairy Industry Ltd, Sachida Nand, says copra meal, because of its high protein content, is a key part of the diet of dairy cows.

But he says there is a substantial shortfall in what they need and what is being produced.

Mr Nand says the dairy industry requires 25 tonnes of the copra meal a week but millers are only able to produce a quarter of that.

Fiji is only producing a fraction of copra it grew in colonial times.

While the Fiji government is making moves to foster copra production, the dairy industry, in the short term, is considering importing copra or soya meal, and is already using palm kernel feed from Papua New Guinea.