16 Aug 2013

Fiji police to restrict opening hours of internet cafes

4:54 am on 16 August 2013

The Fiji Police have moved to restrict the opening hours of internet cafes in the capital, Suva.

The Divisional Manager policing, Inspector Sanaila Biau, says action was taken after they received complaints about an increase in the number of youths and children flocking to the city to use the internet.

Inspector Biau says police are now working together with the Suva city council and town councils across the country to make internet cafes close at 9pm.

"Police are on the streets and we are entering all internet cafes and we must ensure all children are at school and not at the internet cafe."

Inspector Sanaila Biau says the number of children in internet cafes has decreased.

He says a warning has also been issued for internet shop owners to adhere to provisions of their licenses and to operate within the allocated hours.