19 Aug 2013

Fiji's Beddoes says Forum relevant but new rules on coups needed

1:22 pm on 19 August 2013

Fiji's main grouping of political parties says the Pacific Islands Forum needs a set of rules to deal with coup-makers.

A spokesman for the United Front for a Democratic Fiji, Mick Beddoes, says the Forum is still relevant but the lack of a regional response to the overthrow of Fiji's elected government is what has caused it many problems.

He says each country is dealing with Fiji's coup leaders in a way that protects their own interests.

Mr Beddoes says anyone accepting a job with a regime that has overthrown a democratically elected government should face treason charges back in their home country.

"They should not be allowed to come in and work in support of an unelected government. We should have all countries stopping the movement of any members of the regime in or out of the country. We should have a total ban on activities with the affected country and so on and so forth."

Mick Beddoes says such an automatic reponse would have avoided the finger-pointing that has gone on in the case of Fiji.