19 Aug 2013

Pitcairn hopes for tourism boost with new jetty

6:54 pm on 19 August 2013

The government of Pitcairn Island is hoping for a forty percent boost in the number of tourists once a new jetty is built.

The islanders have started preparatory work on the three million US dollar project being funded by the European Union.

Pitcairn's Deputy Governor, Kevin Lynch, says it's hoped the EU releases the final amount for the jetty by the end of next year.

"When it gets very rough at Bounty Bay, cruise passengers are unable to land on the island and obviously they're tourists, they'll be spending their money, they'll be learning alot more about the island and it's unfortunate if they can't get off on Pitcairn. But if we can take them around to the leeward side it increases our chances of getting tourists on the island."

Kevin Lynch says Pitcairn is also looking at adventure, eco and volunteer tourism as a way to boost the economy.