22 Aug 2013

PNG Security Council moves over local election decision

4:32 am on 22 August 2013

Papua New Guinea's National Security Council chairman, Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc, has indicated he will try to get a change in the decision of the Electoral Commission on local level government elections in the Western Highlands.

This follows tension in the province on Tuesday which saw Mt Hagen roads and the airport shut and water supplies cut.

Candidates in the local level elections and their supporters were angry over the PNG Electoral Commissioner's decision to declare a failed vote in five elections in the province.

Our correspondent in Papua New Guinea, Todagia Kelola, says the Electoral Commissioner is adamant he will not change his stance.

"Under the Papua New Guinea constitution, the Chief Electoral Commissioner is an independent constitutional person who cannot be influenced even by the Prime Minister or by anybody, but they can petition him and they can ask him, but the decision is for him and him alone to make."

Todagia Kelola.