22 Aug 2013

Solomons police and RAMSI arrest criminal wanted since 2010

9:12 am on 22 August 2013

A joint Royal Solomon Islands Police Force and RAMSI Participating Policing Force have arrested James Salovi who was wanted on a warrant for allegedly committing four murders in 2002, on Guadalcanal.

The arrest follows a long campaign by authorities to track down the 32 year-old.

It is alleged that on September the 3rd 2002, Mr Salovi and others ambushed a vehicle, which was transporting 25 people to a medical clinic.

The occupants were mainly women and children.

It is alleged the ambushers were armed with firearms stolen from the police armoury.

During the incident, Mr Salovi allegedly opened fire on the vehicle killing an adult women, two 12-year old boys and one 5-year old boy, and injuring 15 others.

Mr Salovi was arrested and charged with the four counts of murder in 2008.

He later applied for bail which was granted and but failed to appear in Court on 7 October 2010.