22 Aug 2013

Fiji teachers opposed to Hindi as compulsory language

6:31 pm on 22 August 2013

The Fijian Teachers Association says it is opposed to the new constitution's provision to make the teaching of the Hindi language compulsory at primary school level.

The constitution calls for instruction of iTaukei, or Fijian as well as English as part of a policy to bring people together and break down language barriers.

The Association's general secretary, Maika Namudu, says only Fijian and English should be in the curriculum.

He says everybody living in Fiji is Fijian and should know the language, but not Hindi.

"No, I don't think because we all Fijians we are supposed to be speaking Fijian, compulsory, and then we speak English as our lingua franca as the case in the past."

The Fijian Teachers Association general secretary Maika Namudu.