26 Aug 2013

Call for Solomons leaders to work with people they serve

8:53 am on 26 August 2013

Solomon Islands politicians are being urged to live and work with the people they serve.

A former deputy premier of Isabel province and a current provincial assembly member, Rhoda Sikilabu, says to get the backing of her women constituents she had to leave a good job in the capital Honiara and return to a modest village life.

She says she believes she has a strong chance of winning a parliamentary seat in next year's general election.

Mrs Sikilabu also says she always knew that she would only be able to improve the lives of rural people - who make up 80 percent of the population - by returning to her community.

"To know the core problems and the insides of the needs of people, I have to be where they are. And it was a great leaning for me: to be able to make impacts and changes is feeling their pain."

Rhoda Sikilabu says she and other women putting themselves forward for election want to see between six and eight women get into parliament next year.