26 Aug 2013

Fiji Methodists meet to review church constitution

1:44 pm on 26 August 2013

The Methodist Church in Fiji's annual Conference begins today with the review of the church's current constitution a main discussion point.

Yesterday, an induction service was held for the new president of the Methodist Church in Fiji, Tuikilakila Waqairatu.

The church's secretary for communication, the Reverend James Bhagwan, says in his opening address today, the President outlined his vision for a healthy church.

He says key areas highlighted include ensuring people do not excessively consume kava, and the review of the constitution of the church.

"Which has been in existence since 1984 because of the changing times and the changing work of the church needs to revised, so that will be discussed, along with the new connectional speech plan for the church and other projects that it's working on. So those are the major highlights of the conference."

The Reverend James Baghwan says they are packing what they had hoped would be a two-week conference into four days.