28 Aug 2013

Opposition MP in Tuvalu criticises Govt's overseas travel ban

4:44 am on 28 August 2013

The Tuvalu opposition MP Willy Telavi has criticised what he says is a ban on overseas travel by opposition MPs ordered by the Prime Minister.

Enele Sopoaga was elected as Prime Minister at the start of the month after the removal of Willie Telavi as Prime Minister.

Mr Sopoaga's political grouping was previously critical of the former Telavi administration for making frequent overseas trips.

Mr Telavi says Mr Sopoaga has no right to ban MPs from representing Tuvalu abroad.

"There's been an instruction to the speaker that all travel by parliamentarians have to be referred to the Prime Minister. I'm surprised why they give instruction like this to intervene in parliamentary matters. They are the executive but they are not there to instruct the parliamentary speaker who is responsible for parliamentary matters."

Tuvalu opposition MP Willy Telavi.