28 Aug 2013

Activists in West Papua gather to support freedom flotilla

3:11 pm on 28 August 2013

Activists in the Indonesian province of West Papua have gathered to show support for the boatload of Australian activists due to arrive there early next month.

A crowd gathered in the remote town of Manokwari yesterday to raise the banned Morning Star flag and welcome the activists.

The so-called freedom flotilla has been warned by Indonesia not to enter its waters illegally, and says the boats have no clearance.

But the activists say they have travel documents issued by their own Aboriginal elders in Australia and permits given by the traditional landowners in Merauke, where they intend to land.

An activist based in Manokwari, Yoab Syatfle, says a large crowd voiced its support and says the event is significant as it's the first sea convoy for peace and justice to travel to the province.