29 Aug 2013

Forum in PNG concerned about Madang tailings

2:52 pm on 29 August 2013

Community and local level leaders from across Papua New Guinea's Madang province are gathering for a public forum on the Ramu nickel mine's deep sea tailings placement system.

The huge Chinese-run mine has been dumping tailings into the Bismarck Sea for a year after the national court rejected a legal challenge against it by landowners.

Last week, the Madang Governor, Jim Kas, announced that the tailings disposal system must stop because of its environmental impact.

One of the forum's organisers, John Simoi, says the event comes as PNG's Law Reform Commission seeks a provincial position on environmental and mining laws relating to tailings disposal.

"What the Governor is doing is asking the PNG Law Reform Commission to make changes in the law governing the deep sea tailing disposal system in Madang. And he's trying to totally ban the deep sea tailings disposal system and look for an alternative option of dumping the waste - maybe dig a hole and bury the waste or something."

John Simoi in Madang