1 Jul 2013

Adults in Marshalls graduate amid fears of education budget cuts

1:39 pm on 1 July 2013

For the first time in two decades, a group of adults on Ebeye Island in the Marshall Islands have graduated with general equivalency diplomas, amid concerns that budget cuts will limit programmes.

17 students graduated at the weekend from the College of the Marshall Islands through its adult education program, which only restarted in January.

But a Catholic Schools Director, Gary Elaisha, says he and other Ebeye officials are concerned that budget cuts could undermine the adult education programme for Ebeye.

Mr Elaisha says there are many others who want to take advantage of the educational opportunity, and says people in their 50's are asking how to enroll.

The College of the Marshall Islands shut down its satellite campus at Ebeye nearly 10 years ago when it was struggling to resolve accreditation problems.

Now that its situation is stable, the Majuro-based college also aims to start a Distance Education Program soon.