1 Jul 2013

Pre-election education planned by Fiji's Transparency International

5:33 am on 1 July 2013

The Fiji branch of the anti corruption watchdog, Transparency International, is to undertake civic education among the country's youth in the lead up to next year's election.

This comes after the body surveyed the attitudes of the just over 1000 people up to the age of 30 on issues like integrity and corruption.

Researcher Joseph Veramu says it showed that most had a strong understanding of the detrimental effect of a lack of integrity.

He says a minority also reported they had confronted corruption directly, saying they had been asked for bribes to have a service done.

Mr Veramu says they are already working with Fiji's youth to combat corruption and increase integrity.

"Our plan is to meet with stake holders. We have already done that. We have had 3 stake holder meetings both with government ministries and various non government organisations to look at ways people can address these issues through various interventions."

Transparency International Fiji's Joseph Veramu.