28 Jun 2013

Definition of child in Fiji still unclear after political party info released

1:36 pm on 28 June 2013

Fiji's registrar of political parties, Mohammed Saneem, is yet to confirm the definition of a child in relation to the regime's controversial political parties decree.

Under the decree, parties were obliged to submit financial details of their members and executives, as well as of their spouses and children by June 7th.

However, the parties have not revealed the details of adult children in their declarations, saying the decree is difficult to interpret and makes no attempt to define a child.

They say they have decided to use other laws that define a child as an under 18-year-old.

According to the decree, any person who fails to comply with the requirements could face a 27,000 US dollar fine or up 10 years in prison, or both.

Mr Saneem, who is reportedly verifying the declarations, has been unable to be reached for comment.