24 Jun 2013

Niue MP critical of electricity safeguards after incidents

5:11 am on 24 June 2013

An MP in Niue says there has to be greater oversight of the quality of electrical wiring on the island.

Terry Coe's concerns come after a young girl was electrocuted last month.

And another girl was hurt earlier this year in an incident for which the Niue Power Corporation has accepted its staff were responsible.

Mr Coe says there are no standards at the moment and people undertaking electrical repairs should not also be inspecting their own work.

He says this should be done by an independent person.

Mr Coe is calling on the government to hire a qualified inspector from New Zealand.

"Maybe we need a person to come up and do a thorough check now of all the buildings and housing and even the transmission lines and things at the power house. And he does a report and perhaps he can run some practical tests with the existing registered electricians and make sure they are up to standard."

Terry Coe.

The Power Corporation says it is thinking of putting the idea to the government.