19 Jun 2013

American Samoa power company warns of scam

3:15 pm on 19 June 2013

The American Samoa Power Authority is advising the general public not to cash any sweepstakes or lottery cheques purported to be issued by ASPA from an off-island company.

One resident received a letter in the mail from a company called Apple Instant Payment Incorporated in Ontario, Canada.

The letter claimed the individual was a winner in a sweepstakes or lottery draw, with cheques issued in their name, from the American Samoa Power Authority.

One cheque was for 45,000 US dollars.

However in order to claim the funds, the winner must contact an off-island number and provide personal information.

In a statement, ASPA says it has received inquiries from people and banks in the US mainland to verify the legitimacy of these cheques.

ASPA says this is a fraudulent cheque scheme.

The power company is working closely with ANZ Bank and Bank of Hawai'i to make sure these cheques are not being processed and that ASPA funds are not at risk.