18 Jun 2013

Samoa Air to have extra large seating by next week

3:10 pm on 18 June 2013

The airline that flies within Samoa and to neighbouring American Samoa is installing extra large seating that will be available next week.

The chief executive of Samoa Air says its new pay-by-weight scheme is working better and better all the time.

Chris Langton says since the scheme was introduced in April, heavier passengers have paid more but they have also enjoyed more comfortable seating, with two seats being alloted to them instead of one.

"We've got a modification that we're installing at the moment to be able to provide at least one row where we can seat people who are paying more for their weight and making access easier. So we've called it the executive suite that's a little bit like a three-seat thing that you'd find in your lounge room."

Chris Langton says lighter passengers now pay less, which is also making it more affordable for families to fly.