17 Jun 2013

New iTaukei guide to spread anti-violence message in Fiji

7:11 pm on 17 June 2013

There are high hopes a new manual in Fiji's indigenous iTaukei language will spread the anti-violence message to Fiji's grassroots.

Women theologians at the South Pacific Association of Theological Schools have had an English guide translated into six different Pacific languages, for use in schools and churches.

The co-ordinator of the project, Titilia Vakadewavosa, says the manual is aimed at helping the churches of the Pacific address increasing rates of gender based violence.

She says it it is a guide for interpreting the scriptures in societies which are heavily patriarchal and conservative.

"Most of them are not very well aware to look at the Bible in the eyes of God, to look at the Bible in the eyes of women, to look at it in a more liberal way rather than being dictated by their own traditional cultures regarding women."

Titilia Vakadewavosa.