13 Jun 2013

Vanuatu PM dismisses opposition's Saken claims

1:38 pm on 13 June 2013

Vanuatu's Prime Minister has dismissed a claim by the opposition that his government is reluctant to revoke the diplomatic passport of Pascal Ahn Quan Saken because of close links to him.

The foreign minister, Edward Natapei, has embarked on a wholesale review of the diplomatic sector to purge diplomatic passport appointments approved outside proper procedure.

Mr Natapei previously singled out Mr Saken's appointment, however he is still travelling as the Honorary Consul to Vietnam.

Moana Carcasses Kalosil, who says the review of the appointments is ongoing, has rejected the opposition suggestion that the government is being assisted by Mr Saken.

"It's funny that the opposition is saying that because they were very protective of some of the persons that were appointed by themselves actually. I never appointed these people. But what we will do is if some of these gentlemen or ladies are willing to represent Vanuatu, then they need to show what will be the benefit for Vanuatu - in investing here or doing partnerships, we want to be transparent about it, and then we can consider reappointing them."

Moana Carcasses