12 Jun 2013

Agreement on re-opening of Panguna mine in Bougvainville reached

9:55 am on 12 June 2013

Leaders, landowners and other stake holders in Papua New Guinea's autonomous province of Bougainville have reached an agreement, after 24 years, to discuss and negotiate the re-opening of the defunct Panguna mine.

The Post Courier newspaper says landowner discontent over equitable distribution and sharing of Panguna mine benefits, led to PNG's first serious Bougainville Crisis in May 1989 which lasted about 10 years.

The conflict led to 20,000 deaths, including men, women and children, as well as PNG soldiers, policemen and correctional officers.

According to reports from Panguna, the landowners are now ready to kick-start dialogue and negotiations with all the stakeholders, including the Autonomous Bougainville Government, the PNG Government and BCL for the re-opening of the copper-gold mine.