11 Jun 2013

Samoa Hotels President says there is no crisis

4:00 pm on 11 June 2013

The President of the Samoa Hotel Association has dismissed talk of a crisis in the industry and says he expects visitor numbers to rise significantly.

There is growing talk of problems in the industry from some hotel operators, but Tuala Oli Ah Him says they are a small number of the 98 members of his association and it shouldn't be blown out of proportion.

British tourism consultant Anna Pollock told the Samoa Observer the industry is in crisis but Samoa can offer the shifting tourism market its authentic experience from local hosts.

But she says a collective effort is needed to attract the visitors.

Tuala says a meeting has been set for next week for all members to discuss issues openly.

"We have invited our relevant partners in tourism to come together and voice their concerns and actually tell us what is the problems and we can help them. Let us hear what you are saying so we can actually come to a conclusion without this crisis. For me there's no crisis, Samoa is such a happening place, there's a lot of activity, a lot of people here and the the more people that come to enjoy Samoa the better."

Tuala Oli Ah Him.