10 Jun 2013

Rainbow coalition mayoralty planned in Vanuatu's second town

6:45 pm on 10 June 2013

The independent Vanuatu MP Kalfau Moli has forged an agreement with a number of political parties, including the National United Party, to support a candidate for the position of mayor of Luganville.

Mr Moli, who is one of two MPs from Lugainville, says that they have combined forces in order to help Mark Herer win the mayoralty.

The election for Luganville's mayor is to take place next Monday.

Mr Moli, who says he has the support of five councillors, says the new alliance is about creating a rainbow coalition in the local council.

"Because these people are young councillors. We've been fortunate to get in young councillors who qualified as students, people who are capable of carrying out policies. So we try and make the second biggest town in Vanuatu more prosperous in regards to management and service delivery to the communities."

Kalfau Moli