10 Jun 2013

Tonga to showcase historical treasures on International Archives Day

5:15 am on 10 June 2013

A number of archives and historical treasures in Tonga will be on display to the public for the first time.

The Tongan Museum and Archives Exhibitions will mark Tonga celebrating International Archives Day for the first time.

The CEO of the Ministry of Information and Communications, Paula Ma'u, says churches, such as the Methodist church, will have many archives of the history of Tonga on display, including when missionaries first arrived.

He says there will also be royal treasures and past constitutions to view, and there has been a good response from the public.

"Surprisingly lots of people call up, they have their own piece of paper from 200 years ago, they are still keeping those information and the artefacts, and they are willing to bring them to the hall for people to share that information...Perhaps we can find a place and make it big event every year so that we put our history in a proper way, and preserve those information and safeguard those information because we realise now that's our treasure."

Paula Ma'u says the exhibitions are only on display to the public until 5pm.