6 Jun 2013

Guam on track for record 2013 tourism figures

6:43 pm on 6 June 2013

Guam is anticipating record tourism figures this year on the back of a growth in the number of South Korean visitors.

The Pacific Daily News reports that, according to the Guam Visitors Bureau, out of last year's 1.3 million visitors, more than 180,000 came from South Korea.

From October to May, the Bureau noted an almost 60-percent increase in arrivals from South Korea.

Due to more flights from South Korea, arrival numbers could reach 200,000, which would give Guam its highest total ever from that country.

Tourism numbers are also up for Chinese and Russian visitors, with 50 percent and 55 percent respectively.

The vast majority of Guam's tourists still come from Japan.

Arrivals also are up overall: last month saw 86,000 tourists visit, an increase of about four percent on the same month in 2012.