6 Jun 2013

Chinese company demands in Samoa deemed unacceptable

3:51 pm on 6 June 2013

The leader of the opposition in Samoa, Palusalue Faapo II, says demands made by a Chinese company considering investing in the country are ridiculous.

In a document the Beijing Zhao Yi Li Investment Management Company outlines 16 conditions, which includes land-leasing for agriculture, beach and a water park for a period of 160 years.

It states land for an airport, hospital, school and nursery should be provided by the government free of charge.

It also wants the government to issue an exclusive permit to manage a gambling business and admit 30,000 Chinese workers for no less than three years.

Palusalue Faapo II says the demands are unacceptable.

"In terms of asking so much especially the leasing of the land for 160 years and also bringing in some Chinese workers while we have the problem with unemployment it's not acceptable. Asking for so much exemption in terms of taxes and so forth, this is ridiculous."

The leader of the opposition in Samoa, Palusalue Faapo II.