6 Jun 2013

Calls for greater support for sportswomen in Fiji

3:49 pm on 6 June 2013

An advocate for gender equality in Fiji says greater support is needed from the public and the media in order for sportswomen to succeed.

Concerns about the disparity between the treatment of sportsmen and sportswomen were raised by the Fiji Women's Rights Movement and Diverse Voices and Action for Equality or DIVA during a Central Chiefs Women's Rugby Club event last week.

The Co-ordinator of DIVA, Shirley Tagi, says it is harder for women to get sponsorship than men and women are having to work hard to fundraise and garner support.

"How can they get to attain great heights in sport if there's no support as well. So it's a catch 22. So you need to build from below and a small group of women in Fiji you know are trying to do this but with no funds. So that's what we're doing -we're supporting them."

Shirley Tagi says both social media and the media play an important role in helping get behind sportswomen.