6 Jun 2013

Solomons Ministry official says damage to Government property a criminal act

9:09 am on 6 June 2013

A Ministry of Land official in the Solomon Islands says destruction of the ministry's security house is a criminal act.

The Solomon Star reports a resident entered the Crown Land property after he was given road access to the Vavya Ridge site from the Commissioner of Lands.

Bobby Ramo, a senior officer in the ministry, says the incident was also the Commissioner's fault for granting the six-metre road access, which runs through the ministry's boundary.

He says septic tanks and the security house were within the six metres, and the decision reduces the ministry's compound.

Mr Ramo says the commissioner of lands needs to put his priorities right and not make decisions without consulting ministry officials.

He says the resident who caused the damage should repair it and return the land to the ministry.