5 Jun 2013

Immigration adviser loses licence after exploiting Pacific woman

7:10 am on 5 June 2013

A licensed immigration adviser working in New Zealand has had his licence cancelled, after it was found he exploited a vulnerable woman in the Pacific community.

Hakaoro Hakaoro was asked for help by the woman who was in New Zealand unlawfully in August 2011.

She had exhausted every avenue before being apprehended by Immigration New Zealand and told to leave the country voluntarily.

Mr Hakaoro advised her to apply for a visa using Immigration New Zealand's discretionary powers and charged her $3,000 NZ dollars but did not lodge her application.

The Immigration Advisers Complaints and Disciplinary Tribunal found Mr Hakaoro knew he could do nothing to assist the woman but took her money intending to keep it once she was deported.

The Tribunal cancelled his licence and ordered him to pay a penalty of $8,000, refund fees of $3,000 and prevented from holding a licence for two years.