30 May 2013

Solomons police chief defends force but says more to be done

6:46 pm on 30 May 2013

The acting Police Commissioner of Solomon Islands says she is confident in her officers, but ensuring ongoing police neutrality is a priority.

While the military element of the Australian led Regional Assistance Mission leaves at the end of June, the mission's police will remain in the country for the next four years.

The acting commissioner, Juanita Matanga, says accusations that police are taking sides and don't have the public's confidence are from a small minority, and formal complaints should be lodged if they are legitimate.

"That's one of my priorities, to deal with this issue. Because we would like to see that police are maintaining neutrality and there is no corruption in the force so that we can ensure that we carry out our job professionally."

Juanita Matanga says the position of the Police Commissioner has been advertised, after John Lansley's contract recently ended and he returned to Britain.