27 May 2013

Kiribati survey shows land issues impede business

3:20 pm on 27 May 2013

The Kiribati Chamber of Commerce is using an inaugural survey of challenges facing the private sector to lobby government to make it easier to do business there.

The Kiribati Business Survey Report, which was developed and funded by the International Labour Organisation, was launched in Fiji yesterday.

The chamber's secretary, Katarina Tosinga, says interviews with 389 companies idenitified high costs for services such as electricity and freight as well as a shortage of skilled workers as obstacles to growing a business.

"And then we also looked at starting a business and there was a lot of concern about land and then licences and utilities - power, water and telephone - and registration of business and then suppliers."

Katarina Tosinga says such concerns are included in the cabinet paper the Chamber of Commerce is preparing with the commerce ministry.