27 May 2013

New Nauru government must communicate

5:08 am on 27 May 2013

A Nauru MP Baron Waqa says a new government must communicate better with the country's 10,000-strong population. especially on issues surrounding Australia's asylum seekers on the island.

The comment follows the announcement of Nauru's general election June the 22nd, following months of political stalemates and parliamentary factionism.

Mr Waqa says although all MPs were in favour of Australia's reopening of the camp last year, a proposal to allow the asylum seekers freedom of movement in the community sparked concern among members and the public.

"There was talk of an open camp, people would be released into the community from up the camp, say from 7 to 7pm, unsupervised, and that is a security risk and so many risks are associated with that."

Baron Waqa says the contract process for work at the camp has also lacked transparency.