20 May 2013

Alleged PNG criminal loses special Australian visa

3:29 pm on 20 May 2013

Australia's Foreign Minister Bob Carr has cancelled the special skilled worker visa issued by the Gillard government to an alleged Papua New Guinea criminal wanted by authorities in PNG.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Senator Carr's decision to cancel the 457 visa of Eremas Wartoto comes after media revelations that the powerful PNG businessman was using it to avoid arrest and prosecution.

Mr Wartoto is accused of being one of PNG's most corrupt figures by the country's anti-corruption taskforce, and is accused of misusing over 13 million US dollars from the PNG government.

The visa allowed Mr Wartoto to live in Cairns and fly in and out of Australia to several Asian countries despite being the most wanted man in PNG.

Mr Wartoto fled Australia to PNG last week before anti-corruption investigators tracked him down and arrested him.