15 May 2013

Growing CNMI opposition to US military plans

7:28 pm on 15 May 2013

A non-profit group in the Northern Marianas, which represents at least 7,000 people of indigenous descent, has joined opponents of the US military's planned use of Pagan for live-fire training.

The NMD Corporation says historically, the US military has operated covertly with little regard for people or the environment.

It says the most alarming statement regarding Pagan is the US military's intention to use the entire island for joint training activities, using a broad spectrum of weaponry.

The group has also asked that the Department of Defence to respect the relevant sections of the Covenant, which established the political relationship between the CNMI and the US.

The Department wants to use both Pagan and nearby Tinian for training because training areas on Guam are already being used to capacity by the US military.