14 May 2013

Wanted former CNMI AG still faces further summons

1:50 pm on 14 May 2013

The fugitive former attorney general of the Northern Marianas, Edward Buckingham, has been served with a summons and complaint from his former employee at his residence in the US state of Colorado.

The former assistant attorney general, James Taylor, says he was unfairly dismissed after he advised against the approval of government sole-source contracts that Mr Buckingham later approved.

His lawyer, Robert Torres, says a private investigator delivered the papers to Mr Buckingham's residence in Lakewood, Colorado, where it was received by his wife

Mr Buckingham is also wanted in the Northern Marianas on criminal charges relating to the contracts.

But our correspondent, Mark Rabago, says the papers issued are unrelated to these charges because the CNMI office of the public auditor hasn't been able to find him.

"This is a good development because at least we know where he is now and, probably, government agents who have those summons against him in regards to approving of sole source contracts and other filings could be served to him now that they know where he is."

Mark Rabago says the private investigator was able to track down Mr Buckingham in a couple weeks, while the Northern Marianas government has been trying since last August.