14 May 2013

Locals in Hela want more commitment from PNG govt

11:16 am on 14 May 2013

The people of Hela province want more commitment from the Papua New Guinea government in ensuring longterm infrastructure benefits from the LNG gas project.

The provincial government last month issued a 30-day ultimatum to the government and the project developer, ExxonMobil, to fulfill contractual obligations in Hela or face legal action to shut the gas project down.

Subsequent talks with Exxon appear to have satisfied the provincial government but it has started legal action against the national government on what it views as unfulfilled commitments.

The Hela Provincial Administrator William Bando says chief among these are the upgrades of key roads that have deteriorated under all the heavy vehicle traffic related to the project.

"People of Hela want some serious commitment from the government for the road between Mendi and Tari, Mendi and Koroba, they want that road sealed. That (commitment) plus a whole lot of others. They want some decisions taken on the future of these infrastructures built by the project."