9 May 2013

Tahiti to seek private sector help to revive economy

2:05 pm on 9 May 2013

A senior member of the incoming French Polynesian assembly majority says there will be large public housing projects amid efforts to revive the economy.

Jean-Christophe Bouissou says he is confident the new government can fulfil its election promises to cut unemployment, which is at a record high.

Mr Bouissou says the private sector will also be asked to help absorb the jobless.

He says among the steps being considered is to get highly profitable banks and the power company to share in efforts to balance the budget.

"We cannot go and get the money from the people. The people have a hard time living here in the country so we need to go where the money is and the money is in these companies."

Jean-Christophe Bouissou says it is in their interests as well to revive the economy.