8 May 2013

Tahiti claims NZ and Australia support in decolonisation bid

8:44 pm on 8 May 2013

A French Polynesian member of the French Senate, Richard Tuheiava, says his understanding is that New Zealand and Australia still back the resolution tabled at the UN seeking the territory's decolonisation.

The bid has been sponsored by among others Solomon Islands and is inscribed on the agenda of the current UN General Assembly.

France has been opposed to the application and the winners of the weekend election in Tahiti say they will try to have the resolution withdrawn.

Mr Tuheiava says Australia and New Zealand's support is based on talks with their delegates in New York.

"So in the timebeing, there is no change in sight, and so we would appreciate if there has been any change that that will come straight from the capital."

Richard Tuheiava expects a debate and vote on the resolution could come as soon as next week.