8 May 2013

MSG built on equal treatment for all, says Alebua

8:45 pm on 8 May 2013

A political leader involved in the establishment of the Melanesian Spearhead Group 25 years ago says it was created to ensure equal treatment for all the indigenous people of Melanesia and that this includes West Papuans.

The former Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Ezekiel Alebua, has been attending the 25th anniversary celebrations in Vanuatu.

He says the MSG wanted peace in the region and the leaders believed that this could only come about through everyone having independence.

"Each country being able to make their own political decisions about their own future and about how we can interact, socially, economically and culturally with one another - that's what we wanted to see more of."

Ezekiel Alebua says he is confident that West Papua will be welcomed into the MSG at its summit in New Caledonia next month.