8 May 2013

Chinese community in Fiji angered over police comments

11:51 am on 8 May 2013

The Chinese community in Fiji has demanded an apology after police told media Chinese immigrants were the focus of a criminal investigation.

The Fiji Transnational Crime Unit spokesperson, Savenaca Tuivaga, told the Fiji Times an investigation into human trafficking was still underway, and when Chinese immigrants are around, people expect prostitution, people smuggling and money laundering.

The President of the Chinese Association of Fiji, Jenny Seeto, says police are focusing unfairly on one ethnic group.

She says Mr Tuivaga had no proof about the involvement of Chinese in the crimes.

"Tuivaga I don't think had any authority or any evidence to say what he said. So I am expecting an apology. And the comments reported by the Fiji Times, they didn't base it on a report, it was merely an interview. I have gone back and I've asked them for the evidence. They say they don't have any. And for the Fiji Times to then broad-brush and target the Chinese in the way they did is certainly very discriminatory."

The President of the Chinese Association of Fiji, Jenny Seeto.