8 May 2013

Marshall Islands drought to get much worse - forecaster

4:22 am on 8 May 2013

A senior forecaster has warned Marshall Islanders extreme drought conditions in the north are likely to get much worse in the coming weeks as no rain is forecast soon.

Many of the outer island atolls rely on rain water for fresh water supplies.

Clint Simpson of the National Weather Office in Guam, says a high pressure system lingering over the Marshall Islands appears more severe than usual.

He says usually droughts are offset by the odd heavy tradewind shower, but not this time.

"Im looking at all the model data, I'm looking at all the satellite images and we just issued a little briefing for the people out there saying we just don't anticipate any relief in sight."

Clint Simpson says more normal rainfall patterns across Micronesia are anticipated eventually, but the current dry weather looks to persist for some weeks yet.