6 May 2013

American Samoa Governor calls for improved services to Manu'a Group

10:25 am on 6 May 2013

The American Samoa Governor has asked his cabinet to start relocating their programmes and manpower to Manu'a.

Lolo Matalasi Moliga, who is from Sili in Manu'a, made his first official visit there as governor last week and described services as lacking very much in Manu'a and he wants that changed.

Governor Lolo has announced his office will set up a branch in Ta'u, the largest island in the Manu'a Group and other departments that do not have a presence in Manu'a will follow suit.

He has also ordered that government services be up and running in Manu'a by July and has asked all available government services in the main island of Tutuila to serve residents in Manu'a.

Lolo says the priority will be to improve health services and the conditions of school facilities.