3 May 2013

American Samoa government developing code of ethics for staff

3:15 pm on 3 May 2013

The American Samoa government is working on an official ethics code outlining how directors and employees should carry out their duties and the way they are expected to treat each other and the public.

A draft copy of a code called the 'American Samoa Government Executive Code of Shared Ethics and Values' has just been released .

It is the result of an ethics workshop that directors participated in last month.

It covers four main areas promoted by governor, Lolo Matalasi Maliga, during the election - accountability, unity, transparency and equality.

Lolo asked the directors at a recent cabinet meeting to provide suggestions to improve the code.

"After that training we should be able to come up with an ethics goal that will address the behaviours, the ethics of what ASG employees should be conducting with."