2 May 2013

Solomon Airlines Airbus aircraft to undergo maintenance in Manila

9:49 am on 2 May 2013

Solomon Airlines has advised that it's Airbus aircraft, H4-BUS will be ferried to Manila again to undergo maintenance, which was scheduled to start last month.

A statement from the airline says during this short period of absence, it has secured the services of Airworks of New Zealand to service its international routes for a short duration of 4-5 days.

The SIBC reports from yesterday, the Airworks New Zealand aircraft will service the local airline until the Airbus is back into service from May the 6th.

Airlines General Manager Commercial and Operations, Gus Krause, says during the first period of maintenance, the airline was not able to secure a particular part which had to be located after a search round the world.

He said a decision was made to ensure the Airbus return to service as expediently as possible with the view to returning to Manila to complete the task when the overhauled part was secured.