30 Apr 2013

Trial begins for Samoan MP accused of road blockade in 2012

7:33 am on 30 April 2013

In Samoa, the trial of Member of Parliament for A'ana Alofi No. 3 Toeolesulusulu Cedric Schuster has begun.

Talamua online reports that on the first day of his trial, evidence was presented that he did nothing to achieve peace the day Satapuala residents blocked the road.

Toeolesulusulu was among residents of Satapuala who blocked the main road to Faleolo International Airport last year.

He faces 15 charges in connection with the road block on August the 16th last year.

The charges include breaching the peace, misleading and resisting the Police and unlawful assembly.

Seventeen co-defendants, all of Satapuala, are co-defendants in the MP's trial.

The villagers were angry over the government's allocation of land at Satapuala for the construction of a hospital and set up two stone wall fences which blocked the road.

Prosecutor, Leinafo Taimalelagi, pointed to the MP as one of the instigators of the incident and said his various actions had contributed to the events of the day.